Haus Museum of Art

Last night I visited the Haus Museum of Art. Downstairs is mostly traditional masters, which are nice, but I don’t really go to SL galleries to see traditional masters…

… what I love in SL is contemporary, SL art. There was a bit of this on the ground floor, as well as some SL fashion…

… upstairs was all contemporary art and culture, covering a wide range of genre…

… if I have to see RL art in SL, then this is the type of art I love to see…

… though, as an avi whose human has a graphic design degree, and had copyright law drummed relentlessly into them, I still react to the dubious legalities of seeing images, especially unsigned ones, by heavy hitters like James Jean and Nagabe, displayed in these galleries…

… though that doesn’t stop me enjoying seeing such stunning work. I love what this gallery seems to be attempting, to present a very wide snapshot of art, across many genre…

… and the presentation is beautiful and engaging. There’s even a wonderful homage to the ‘Portal’ games…

… complete with interactive gun turret, plaintively asking ‘Is anyone there?’ as it tries to kill you.

2 thoughts on “Haus Museum of Art

  1. I am so glad that you enjoyed your stay, Seraphim. And it is a relief to see that some users have, in fact, played portal and are not simply confused and alarmed in that exhibit. hehe

    To your copyright comment – I feel you. I, too, come from an art background which compelled me to reach out to artists and explain what I was creating. Not surprisingly, I did not get a single response. Having been repeatedly frustrated with the way art is stolen and sold in SL ( or anywhere, for that matter) , I realize I am riding this grey area by exhibiting these works at all. I am half expecting either LL or an artist directly to ask me to stop : but I am also prepared to defend the museum-style, non-profit nature of trying to share art with the world.

    Time will tell. šŸ™‚

    Thanks for stopping by!


    1. Hey, Cyraphir, thanks for commenting. I wouldn’t be too concerned about LL asking you to stop! I’ve been astounded at the blatant theft of art I see in SL for 11 years, and have never heard of anyone being held accountable for it. I actually think many of these people, being products of the ‘everything is free’, internet generation, genuinely don’t even know they are stealing, or committing copyright infringement, as they don’t even know what that is. I see SL as the Wild West for these kind of law grey area’s, both copyright, and hard-core porn. I’m sure it will not last, but it will probably not get sorted anytime soon.
      I loved the Portal homage! I always loved those neurotic gun turrets (:
      Your gallery is gorgeous, and the scope of your exhibitions is wonderful, I look forward to seeing what you do next (:


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