Raven Crag Art Center

Yesterday I visited the Raven Crag Art Center

… I’ve not been here, before, so was pleasantly surprised by both the presentation…

… and the quality of the work on display, here…

… there’s some really gorgeous images…

… and a wide variety of subjects and style…

… all the things I love in a good art gallery…

… I will most definitely be coming back…

… not only to see what exhibitions are here, next, but also to explore the sim the gallery is in, because it looks quite interesting in itself.

2 thoughts on “Raven Crag Art Center

  1. I adore art galleries in RL & SL, it’s been a whole since I’ve had a chance to visit one, this is one I haven’t been to so thank you for posting this gallery I’ll have to tp over and have a look see, it looks amazing! . Thank you again & hugz


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