New Gallery in Artemis

Witchy’s partner, Nat, and Nat’s mum G Xaris, own Artemis. Artemis is part of the SL wrestling community, of which I knew nothing till I met Witchy. Witchy told me, the other day, that Nat had suggested I might want to set up a gallery there. As I really enjoy setting up a new space, of course I said yes. This morning, Witchy showed me the spaces I could choose from. These wrestling people seem to favour medieval/Roman/Greek style architecture, so all the spaces pretty much looked like dungeons, but I saw I could do something with such a space…

… this is the entrance to the space I eventually chose…

… I thought the sign I use outside my home gallery would fit right in, here…

… I first fitted plain white ceiling panels, to both lighten and modernise the space. Timeless, luxury carpet added instant colour and warmth to the worn old flagstones, and ‘full bright’ versions of my works solved the issue of lighting them, as well as providing more colour…

… my most opulent armchairs worked perfectly to create the rich comfort I was going for, here…

… I actually had to go shopping for the much-needed exit sign above this door…

… I love my new space (:

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