Insilico Revitalised

I must have missed the memo that said Insilico was being remodelled, but, there you are, I did. I recently blogged about Insilico Mars, which I only recently discovered, despite being extremely familiar with Insilico, having hung out there, regularly, for years. I have to admit to not having been there for, at least, seven months, because it never changed. It was cool, but always the same, for a long time. Suddenly, when you TP there, you arrive in this very cool ‘Welcome Centre’, which simply didn’t exist, a year ago…

… from there, you can TP to various stunning locals that also, I’m pretty sure, didn’t exist a year ago. A year ago, once you got out of the central arrival area, with it’s shopping area, things got dull, pretty quickly. That isn’t the case, now…

… there are all kinds of gorgeous locations, now, I simply do not remember seeing/being able to access, a year ago…

… it was nice to eventually find the old shopping district…

… complete with this laser that follows you across what used to be the arrival floor. This laser has always intrigued me, the fact that it obviously recognises avatars, and targets them in real time, as they move, is, for me, such a step above the usual SL physics, as to be almost astonishingly impressive.

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