New Last Drop

So, it’s been a while since my last post, and longer since I was posting regularly. My human continues to recover from life-changing surgery, so I suddenly find myself back in SL, doing stuff that needs to be recorded, because, did our lives really happen if there is no record of the fact?

Anyway, I’m back, perhaps not regularly, yet, but doing my best to get back up to speed.

My lovely friends, Witchy and Veyot, have combined their resources and provided me with another Last Drop Cafe to decorate! This one is actually just across the road from the last one. I’m very pleased with how this one has come out. I went for a cyber-cafe look/feel. I’d almost finished it when Witchy came to see how I was doing…

… her friend ‘X’ dropped in, too, and we stood around and chatted. I told them I was going to zap away, because I was still looking for a final element I really wanted, but had yet to find, some kind of cyber food vendor. Witchy gave me a few possible places to try, so I zapped away to them, but no luck. While I was there, Witchy sent me an MP link, saying ‘How about this?’, and it was exactly what I’d had in mind! Ironically, it was from a store I’d already been to, and even already bought stuff for the cafe, from…

… it was awesome, a 3D food printer, that not only looks great, but actually prints the food you select, then gives it to you! It was perfect, I was delighted…

… I added a few more elements…

… the last of which was this gorgeous little dancing flower! There’s nothing ‘cyber’ about her, she’s just heart-wrendingly gorgeous… I actually saw her on the counter of one of the shops I visited, looking for a food vendor, and fell instantly in love with her…

… so now she lives in the latest iteration of the Last Drop Cafe, in Wyrd, decorated by Seraphim (:

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