I read, today, that as of August the 31st, LL is making gacha vendor machines illegal. I find this quite sad. Just about every interesting object in my home is gacha, and I use it a lot to decorate my galleries with, too…

… most of my most gorgeous furniture is gacha, and all my cutest decor is gacha…

… for whatever reason, a lot of gacha is far more unique and interesting than non-transferable objects that can be purchased in SL. Because gacha is transferable, and also unique/limited, especially ‘rares’, it feels much more like it has real value, is something special. Non-transferable objects are pretty much a rip-off, really… you can never choose to pass them on, or sell them, once you have them, that’s it, their value actually diminishes, becomes zero, really, but good gacha always have at least minimal value…

… most of my coolest potted plants are gacha, as are a lot of my most beautiful sculpture pieces…

… a lot of gacha is quirky/cute/strange, in ways the blander non-transferable objects just are not…

… people will still be able to re-sell the gacha in existence which will, I imagine, result in an ever-diminishing product pool, with constantly rising prices. There will never be any more gacha created. How sad is that?

4 thoughts on “Gacha

  1. Excellent post. I agree with about everything stated here. There is, for whatever reasons, a quality gap between non-gacha items and those found on the regular MP. Loss of gacha means a loss of quality afaic.

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  2. I totally agree seraphim…I am sad to see the Gachas being eliminated.. 😦 I too loved them and some of my favorite artists like Silas Merlin offered such wonderful ones too… So many Second Life merchants and Artists thrilled us with their Gachas…Rest in Peace dearest Gachas😒

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