My World

I have spent nearly a decade developing my little slice of SL. I started across the road, not even owning what you can see here, now…

… buying this land, also, about 5 years ago…

… my little world, on two sides of the Circuit La Corse, has undergone many, many transformations, but has gradually settled into this park-like place…

… where I love to just wander around, and think about how much it’s changed, and how much I love it, now…

… next to my stargate, is a wooden gate in a solid fence, this gate is guarded by two magical gargoyles who prevent uninvited space invaders from getting into my home and behaving badly, as has happened when the place was unprotected, and open to all. The grounds are still open to anyone who comes through the stargate, or off the main road.

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