Waterfalls of Dreams

I recently visited Waterfalls of Dreams

… what a very pretty place!…

… the eponymous waterfalls are several…

… but it was the flora and the light that bedazzled me the most…

… the light is constantly shifting, here. You can literally take two pictures a second apart, and the lighting in them will be totally different…

… almost everything here that is lit, or emits light, has been set to cycle through its colours… that and the rapidly changing sky create a constantly shifting scene light. This isn’t jarring, though, in fact it is surprisingly subtle…

… but once you become aware of it, it can be hard to choose a ‘better’ image of a single scene, as that scene, photographed several times in a row, is always differently lit…

… which just meant I took hundreds of pictures, which is pretty normal for me, anyway (:

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