Neverever Land

When you click on the SLURL to ‘Neverever Land‘, you arrive in a wintery, nighttime garden…

… outside a dark and silent Victorian mansion…

… you make your way inside, and up to the cold and empty kid’s room. There, you find the magical door…

… to this absolutely gorgeous, tropical wonderland…

… which, if you are anywhere near my human’s age, is instantly evocative of all those stories, not just Peter Pan, but Treasure Island, Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, tales of hidden coves and lost treasure, sunken ships, pirates and cannibals, tales that genuinely kept the 7 year old human awake at night, scared of being kidnapped by nasty men with cutlasses and hooks for hands…

… but, evocative as it is of all those themes, this place is also surreal enough, and beautiful and mysterious enough, to not be scary…

… it has many visual triggers for anyone familiar with Peter Pan

… and is just a stunning place to spend some time.

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