Twelve Years Old!

I turned 12, the other day (: As I personally know some 15 year old avi’s, I realise 12 isn’t such a big deal, but I’m still really proud to be 12! Apart from several months, one year, due to crap internet connectivity, I have been a constant dweller in SL. Even during those crappy few months, I’d log on occasionally, just to see if things had improved, then log off in despair, unable to even walk across a room without being lagged so badly I would get lost…

… this rezday, LL sent me a little list of my stats for the year, comparing them to those of the ‘average’ avi. I was totally blown away by them!…

… apparently, the ‘average avi’ visits 87 regions in a year… I, on the other hand, visited…998!!… the ‘average’ avi does 220 teleports a year… I did 3,580!! I find this information astonishing! I realise that my thing is exploring, and visiting galleries, and, um, a bit of shopping, and that those things entail a bit of teleporting, but those stats seem to say that the ‘average’ avi, basically, hardly goes anywhere! Do they just amble about in the same sim, perhaps occasionally going somewhere new? I’m sure these stats would be accurate, as they come from the part of LL that tracks all that stuff.

Anyway, not only am I proud to have been here 12 years, but I’m even more proud that I seem to be getting far more out of my experience, here in SL, than the ‘average’ avi!

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