Out of gas at a deserted, gas-less service station, in the middle of nowhere…

… it’s very hot, and dry, here, and I needed somewhere cool to rest. Luckily, I’d passed through this same valley, about 500 years ago, on the trail of some vampires…

… I remembered tracking them to an ancient, hidden cave system, somewhere over this way…

… my memory was correct, and I was soon in the delicious, damp coolness of this lost place. The vampires, of course, are not here…

… there had been 13 of them, all ancient and powerful. We had fought a ferocious, hand-to-hand battle…

… which was over far sooner than any of them had expected, and, also contrary to their expectations, I was the only survivor. All my battles with the Vampire Nation ended that way, they had never encountered anything like me, and should never have declared war on me…

… by the time they realised that, of course, it was too late for them.

Shot in the wonderful little landscape build at ISON.

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