I realised the truth of something, today, that I’d been suspecting for a few days, now, which is that I am the only person who can hear Flutter… it’s not just other butterflies, it’s all other beings…

… I realised this today, when Witchy said hello, specifically to Flutter. Flutter really likes Witchy, and she excitedly replied ‘Hi, Witchy! How are you, today?’… after a while she asked me ‘Didn’t she hear me?’… I replied ‘Oh, you know Witchy, when she gets tired, she gets a bit vague…’, but I knew Witchy really likes Flutter, too, and when she still hadn’t replied to her after about 20 minutes, I accepted the sad truth… no-one else can hear her…

… ‘Do you know who made you, Flutterbye?’ I asked her…

… ‘You did, silly!’ she replied. ‘Oh, sorry, Seri, I keep forgetting you aren’t future you!’. ‘Ah…’ I thought ‘That explains why only I can hear her…’. ‘What do you mean, only you can hear me?’ she asked…

… ‘Can you hear my thoughts?’ I asked in reply. ‘Um… yes…’ Flutter answered ‘… I thought you knew… so, no-one else can hear me? Poo!’… we were having this conversation in front of a store I discovered during my recent, annual culling of my Teleport History LM’s. As often happens, when I followed an old LM to this location, the place that had been here no longer existed, but, instead of empty/abandoned land, there was this really slick store with a really nice landing area, the kind I totally love, where someone has obviously put a whole lot of very excellent work into it…

… the store was empty, though, so obviously quite new. I IM’d the owner, complimenting her/him on their very cool store, and asked when there would be any product in it…

… I often reach out to creators in this fashion, but they don’t always reciprocate the gesture, some being too far up themselves to communicate with the likes of me, but ‘FadetOwner’ replied within a day, this was a week ago, and said they hoped it would be in a weeks time, but they were very busy. Obviously, they haven’t managed it, yet, but we’ll keep coming back, we’re really interested to see what their clothes look like (:


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