The Future Looks Bright

I hung more work I have produced on my wonderful Midjourney roll, this time in my little gallery in Artemis

… these ones are a series called ‘The Future Looks Bright’. You can judge for yourself how cynical I am being.

5 thoughts on “The Future Looks Bright

    1. Thank you, Karima. Midjourney is amazing! What I love most about it is that you quickly discover that it still requires skill and artistry to produce ‘art’ with it. Anyone can churn out cheesey, copycat junk, but getting it to actually create unique images requires effort… I’m sure you’d be very good at it, as the main driver for creating with it is words and phrases (:

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      1. Yes, so interesting MidJourney … It’s programmed with words.I am not the artist though, Dale is, I just built an immersive sim to show it off…and he seems to turn out some really nice pieces:) It’s my top post..check it out:) Loved what you produced!

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