Placebo Gallery in Venezia/Venice

Flutter and I were both quite excited to be meeting Mikk and Pacific, this morning, to discuss renting a space for our new gallery in ‘Venezia/Venice‘. It went really well, Mikk and Pacific are lovely people, and on a mission to promote art and culture in their pretty sim…

… and now Flutter and I are part of that mission…

… we spent much of today, puttering around, setting up the space, which is very light and airy, and has three floors…

… I chose 10 works from my current exhibitions in my other spaces, plus two I haven’t yet shown in SL, only posted on my Flickr account

… Flutter was her usual, sweet self, flying around me, singing in her little voice, and occasionally giving me ‘butterfly’ kisses…

… if you know me, you’ll know this is merely the initial setup for this gallery…

… I will fiddle with it for weeks, and be fine-tuning it for as long as I have it (:

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