Amazing Midjourney Journey

I started playing with Midjourney several months ago, buying a subscription to use it. When I first started using it, it performed pretty much as I’d expected it to… everything it did was a rough approximation of what you wanted it to produce, usually bizarrely rough, and often, just plain garbage. I learned how to get it to do approximately what I wanted it to, and sometimes it surprised me with stunning results, but I always had to take the finished work into Photoshop, and spend hours polishing it…

… about 3 weeks ago, I had a break from using it for two weeks. Then, about 3 or 4 days ago, I started playing with it, again. I was totally astonished by my first results, and have been constantly blown away, ever since. I now know this is because while I was away, they rolled out Version 4…

… now the AI produces gorgeous, almost perfect images, almost all the time. When I first started using it, it couldn’t do hair, or eyes, or noses/mouths/teeth… they were often hideously malformed abominations… now they are almost perfect…

… all the pictures in this post are straight from the AI. It still has quirks, such as putting the well-dressed skull behind the gorgeous courtier, above, without my asking it to… but I really love that it did that, and I love the composition, which is another thing it is suddenly better at…

… I liked skull-head so much, I used that image as reference for the next few. You can see, here, that Midjourney still totally sucks at drawing hands, but, in this case, it’s not a problem, as it adds to the creepiness of the skull-head. I used to read all the hand-wringing articles by people whining that AI would do concept artists and their ilk out of jobs, and I used to think they were hysterical luddites…

… I’m not so sure, now.

I have been producing far too much awesome material to keep hanging new work in my SL galleries every few days, but I really want to share this beautiful Midjourney Journey I am on, so I’m going to start posting selected work here. Thanks, Fau, for the suggestion (:

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