Midjourney loves surreality, it’s default preference seems to be for the bizarre. Just as it takes practice to get it to produce beautiful cyber-goth courtesans, it takes practice to get it to produce genuinely surreal, as apposed to just plain weird, imagery…

… but I found it well worth persevering with…

… and began producing these gorgeous, surreal, under-water dream scenes…

… you can see elements of my transcendent cyber-elites in these beautiful images…

… I love the ‘painterly’ feel of these works…

… I don’t use any ‘in the style of…’ prompts for my Midjourney work, I did when I first started playing with it, but I soon got bored with the ‘paint-by-numbers’ feel of the results. As these images show, you can achieve very satisfying results, developing your own Midjourney ‘style’.

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