Flaming Beauty

Sticking with ‘elemental’ themes, I moved from water to fire for these images…

… interestingly, it was much harder to achieve results I liked using this theme, than it was to create underwater dream girls… the AI seems to grasp the concept that one can ‘dream’ of being underwater, but not dream of being on fire, it’s very good, however, at creating burning nightmarish images. It’s all a matter of finding the best ‘prompts’, which basically means finding the best written description that it can ‘understand’. I don’t for a moment think the AI ‘understands’ anything, in fact, spending so much time creating Midjourney imagery that represents what I want it to has taught me it definitely does not ‘understand’ anything. The trick is to lead the AI’s zero comprehension toward the realisation of my intent…

… so while I’m getting there with these flaming beauties, I’ll need to do more work on them before I feel I’ve achieved what I really wanted to achieve.

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