Zombie Beach Bunnies

Toward the end of my Beach Bunnies/Weird Apocalypse project, I created these Zombie Bunnies. The Weird Apocalypse effected the bunnies in different ways. These ones didn’t get turned into actual bunny-analogs, unfortunately for them, the apocalypse just killed them, but in such a way that their brains didn’t realise it…

… this left them roaming the beaches, still. Although they were no longer their sharp-witted selves, they were still smart enough to notice that the sun was causing their previously gorgeous bodies to rapidly decay…

… so they all moved into the shallows, just off the beaches they so loved. They now spend their days eating fish, and roaming around, longing for volleyball games, and dance parties they can no longer go to…

… you can see these sad, decayed beauties at my Soho gallery (:

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