White Witch

I read the sad news, the other day, that some dusty old luddites in the US Copyright Office have decided that no-one can copyright AI-generated art because, in their ludicrous, totally uninformed opinions, the creation of such work does not contain ‘sufficient human control’…

… to create these four works, I produced over one hundred iterations, constantly refining them via changed prompts, getting them to where they were what I’d initially visualised…

… then I took them into Photoshop CS5.1, and made many small, but vital, adjustments…

… sure, people can hit ‘play’ and produce instant ‘art’ using Midjourney, and those people can’t really claim to have had much input ( though they have had the same amount of ‘input’ as someone hitting the button on a camera), but for some crusty fools to claim I haven’t had ‘sufficient human control’ of what I create using Mj is the decision of idiots.

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