Dark Dreams

My new direction has produced a surfeit of riches… whole unique series have been created in tandem… this is due to the unpredictable nature of the results of my magic prompt word, but it is then easy to ride each new theme, and mine it’s creativity, by recombining similar images. One theme that surfaced was this one, ‘Dark Dreams’, but there were sub-genres within that theme… the ones I’m showing here are some of the ‘cutesy/dark goth girl’ results…

… these iterations were, no doubt, caused by the fact the initial images I used were from my ‘Battle Doll’ series, which are pretty damned cute and doll-like…

… by recombining the results with my magic word, I progressed this particular iterative branch down the ‘dark gothic cutesy dream/nightmare’ path…

… creating these delightfully dark, but not too creepy, images (:

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