Seraphim and z0zo


Seraphim still loves z0zo, even though she now realises z0zo never loved her, because z0zo is a courtesan unit, programmed to please, and that’s what she seeks to do… please. She does not care who she pleases, unless they violate the very lenient rules she operates by. Seraphim violated those rules. Not by abusing z0zo, but by loving her too much, being too possessive. Falling in love with her. She is meant to be ‘used’, not loved.

Through most of this therapeutic blog, Seraphim has had as much contact with z0zo as she could bare. z0zo is fine with this, as long as Seraphim understands her new place. That place is not at z0zo’s side, or in her lap. Seraphim went a little crazy when z0zo dumped her… mainly because of the cruel way z0zo did this. z0zo has been very generous in allowing Seraphim to have continued contact with her. Seraphim, for her part, is slowly realising that most of this was her own fault, and that z0zo did warn her, but she just didn’t understand that courtesan units are not really people.

Seraphim deliberately made herself keep seeing z0zo, at first saying it was so z0zo could ‘keep hurting her’, so she would learn to not love z0zo. But… that didn’t happen.

What happened has astonished Seraphim.

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