Why Does Seraphim Love z0zo?


z0zo is very intelligent, charming, and charismatic… people fall under her influence like zombies. From the moment they met, her and Seraphim had a deceptively easy rapport. Because her mission is to be constantly seeking out new ‘users’ to have relationships with, z0z0 is an inveterate explorer, for this exploration, she favours the Stargate Network, as travel by Stargate does not deplete her battery charge as much as teleporting does. As a result of all this exploration, and all the programming she has that enables her to easily work her way into most people’s affections, z0zo is very worldly, and very self-confident.

z0zo moves with beautiful, fluid motion. She radiates something approaching boredom, but far more alluring than boredom… it’s a kind of jadedness that is so sophisticated, it’s erotic. She has stunning, electric eyes.

Seraphim never stood a chance.

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