Exploring With A Fox


Seraphim and her bushy-tailed friend spent some time in Mopire City yesterday. Mopire City is a recent build. It is huge and spectacular and, strangely, still almost totally deserted…


… Seraphim had come here about two months ago, when it first opened, back when she was a solitary explorer . She had spent a good hour wondering it’s awesome flyovers, marvelling at the buildings. She thought Lia might enjoy doing that with her. Only, she had forgotten that Mopire City is a no-fly zone, and couldn’t remember how she had gotten up onto the flyovers last time she was here. Her ever-resourceful little Aegis friend had the solution…


… a flying DeLorean!…





… with Lia’s military-grade senses and reflexes, Seraphim never felt uncomfortable as they wove between the enormous buildings of Mopire City…


… she found the whole adventure strangely soothing. Perhaps it was just the comfort of sharing it with her wonderful little friend?

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