Seraphim often visits Eisa Colony, the home of Nanite Systems, where all the NS gynoids come from. She loves the futuristic build, there. But, much more than that, she loves all the gorgeous gynoids that can be found there. Outside the entrance to the main retail area, there are stands that available pleasure units wait on. These are always a source of photographic delight for Seraphim. This is unit K4ya 888-11-8532…


… she is a 1.5 year old, SXDjr companion unit. This is the first time Seraphim has seen her. K4ya was happy to be photographed, but went off-line during the process, before Seraphim could ask her about her mask. That will have to wait till another time…


… many NS gynoids have horns. They are both decorative and functional. ‘Users’ can touch the horns, to pull up a menu of possible behaviours they can make the unit perform. The ability to have this control depends on the access the unit herself has granted the ‘user’. Unlike the ‘slave’ culture, in SL, which is also an RLV system, and open to abuse, the gynoid RLV system can ultimately be over-ridden by the unit, if she feels unsafe.


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