Photo Therapy


Seraphim has been a bit sad, lately. To make herself feel better, she went to Eisa and took some more pictures of her favourite pleasure unit, T-801. Unfortunately, T-801 was offline… Seraphim could not even listen to her sweet, submissive conversation… she did, however, take comfort in the soothing, soft clickings of Tee’s drive system. This did, actually, make her feel better. She longs for the genuine love of a gynoid… sadly, it seems to be eluding her. She is beginning to realise it may always do so… it may be something impossible by it’s very parameters. Z0zo’s fleeting interest in Seraphim has been like the bite of a vampire, dooming Seraphim to an existence of unrequited adoration of creatures incapable of sincerely returning that adoration.

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