Rental Unit


Seraphim also managed to finally get some images of K4ya 888-11-8532 without her mask on. Every time Seraphim has seen K4ya 888-11-8532, she has had a mask covering most of her face except for her stunning, electric-blue eyes…


… Seraphim has been longing to capture the beautiful face she knew to be there. When she found K4ya 888-11-8532 on her stand, this evening, K4ya 888-11-8532 was just going off-line, but said she would take her mask off, before she did, so Seraphim could photograph her while she was idle…


… using her remote camera-drone, as always, Seraphim was able to not only stand close enough to hear K4ya 888-11-8532’s hard-drive, and drink in the beauty of this exotic creature, but to constantly circle her, zooming in and out, panning up and down, thoroughly mapping her form for her archives.



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