New Exhibit at Placebo Gallery


Seraphim now has an exhibit much better than her previous photographs of unit T-801… she has T-801 herself! Tee now has long ears and a little, glass tail, when Seraphim remarked on these, Tee replied “I am a cybernetic bunny, Miss.” This so delighted Seraphim, she got a lump in her throat… she finds Tee to be almost overwhelmingly delightful, and her presence to be very soothing…


… Tee is wonderfully compliant, the perfect little toy, a beautiful, tiny doll-like gynoid… Seraphim likes her a lot, loves being close to her and listening to the soft clicks and whirrs of her drive system… she is like medicine for Seraphim’s sad heart…


… but, of course, she is also, as an exhibit, the living embodiment of Seraphim’s crush on gynoids, and, as such, gives a real, physical representation to what Seraphim is trying to convey to those who enter her gallery and, as most don’t, have no idea about the fabulous phenomena that is the gynoid clan.


Tee is, by far, the most perfectly voluptuous, beautiful, aesthetically pleasing gynoid Seraphim has met, with the most consistently gentle, genuinely submissive personality of any companion unit she has, so far, met…


… Seraphim is very pleased to have her on display in Placebo Gallery.

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