Not Demonic While Sleeping

Not Demonic While Sleeping

Seraphim needed to get away from her own place, because it was suddenly crowded with random visitors, and she was trying to have an IM conversation with a new friend, so she teleported to z0zo’s, because she knew z0zo was offline for her maintenance cycle, and Lia was not there. When Seraphim was finished with her conversation, she decided to go and look at her sleeping ex-lover…

Not Demonic While Sleeping2

…she found z0zo asleep in a stasis unit she had never seen before, and her heart stopped to see how gorgeous z0zo looked asleep… no-longer looking demonic, but sweet and peaceful…

Not Demonic While Sleeping3

… Seraphim stood and looked for quite a while, listening to z0zo’s hard-drive making it’s familiar, soothing noises, while the owner of Seraphims broken heart slept peacefully on, unaware, until she wakes, and all her devices give her a brilliantly sharp snapshot, in numbers and code, of the slightly sad alien girl looking longingly into her sleep chamber.

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