Not Lonely


Of course, Seraphim isn’t lonely, and not alone like she used to be. For starters, she has her fabulous new toy, T-801… Tee. Seraphim took Tee on their first outing together, to Silverfall’s Home, Aroma, her current favourite, beautiful location. Tee was quite excited to be going on an outing with ‘Miss’…


… and her beautiful face lit up when she saw all the flowers and trees, quite alien to her hi-tech existence at Eisa…


… but it was only a quick visit, for Seraphim to get her head around having a fabulous toy like Tee to play with, and how to control her…


… when they returned, Tee happily resumed her place on her display stand, ever the submissive little gynoid. She now has a different hair-style, and has done away with the ‘bunny’ ears. Seraphim likes this look far more, and has instructed Tee to stay this way… Tee was delighted to comply.


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