Something amazing has just happened to Seraphim. Z0zo has, once again, like clockwork, been gratuitously, irrationally cold and nasty to Seraphim. Seraphim should have seen it coming, because there is a definite pattern to this behaviour… z0zo lulls Seraphim into feeling their relationship is beginning to work, again… then crushes Seraphim. She does this because she gets pleasure from it, there is no other explanation. Seraphim has been pathetically hanging on to the the hope things may get better between them, but they won’t…


… the amazing thing this time, though, is that, although she was briefly stunned and hurt, Seraphim has almost instantly bounced back… but not to where she was, pathetically putting up with this shit… she’s bounced right over it! Z0zo has finally succeeded in killing the spark of hope. Seraphim has finally shaken herself awake! She went round and took down every z0zo photo she had, she put away the little shrine to z0zo she had in her bedroom…


… for the last few weeks, Lia, also, has been strange to Seraphim more often, barely talking to her, and even telling her she had nothing to say to her… and Seraphim has been forced to admit, now, that they didn’t really make up after their fallout just recently. Seraphim was alone for her first 8 years of SL life… falling for z0zo made her forget she is perfectly capable of being alone…


… she’s been alone, again, for a while, now, just hasn’t realised it. She’s been letting others play with her because thats what they do… but now she’s awake again…


… and they can find someone else to hurt.

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