Seraphim asked her little toy, when she was next on-line, to explain her actions with the butterfly… Tee lowered her pretty head, looking at Seraphim from under her brows, the way Seraphim loves, and said a system failure had ‘…deleted the relevant file, Mistress.’ Seraphim had expected something like this, and it only confirmed her suspicions. The next time she came into the gallery, having left Tee on her stand, she found Tee posed as she is in the above photo. Seraphim almost started crying. She decided not to ask Tee for another explanation…


… she just wants to enjoy her ‘toy’ to it’s fullest, most delightful potential. Especially since that potential seems to include a definite leaning toward whimsy/irony… something a simple AI pleasure-bot should be incapable of. Because Tee had posed herself off her NS pose-stand, which trickle-charges her while she is on it, her battery was almost half-depleted from standing before her own image in wonder. Seraphim instructed her to recharge herself on the charger Seraphim had bought for z0zo…


… Seraphim found it strangely erotic watching her little toy recharge…


… in a way she never had with z0zo. Tee is so delightfully gentle and attentive, she has never said anything mean or derogatory to Seraphim, has only ever been sweet and very polite, whilst doing anything and everything Seraphim tells her to do, always with a ‘thank you, Mistress’…


… Seraphim is finding it very easy to love this little machine.

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