Tee’s World


Once, again, Tee has completely delighted Seraphim by doing something totally unexpected… this time she took Seraphim to see her home (:


… where she played and danced like a child, making Seraphim’s heart ache. Tee said:        ‘ Unit T-801 believes at her core, despite all programming and changes, that toys and dolls are things of wonder and whimsy that should never be completely left, even long after childhood.’ Seraphim replied: ‘see… I knew you had opinions, toy’ … to which clever Tee replied: ‘ Pardon, Mistress?’ and looked at Seraphim from under her gorgeous brows. When Seraphim commented on the sweet, toy-like nature of Tee’s little world, Tee replied ‘ I am a toy, so I live in a toy house.’…


… due to her nature, the inside of Tee’s house was pretty much all about sex, but this didn’t surprise Seraphim, as she already knows that about her toy, even though Seraphim does not use Tee for sex, she would be a fool not to know that an Eisa companion unit, whose profile says: ‘I am programmed to simulate emotions and to interact with humans and other Androids, I am programmed with both companion and sexual protocols.’ would not be almost all about sex. Seraphim was delighted with Tee’s bed, which had the word ‘TOY’ above it…


… and a picture of Tee before she was rebuilt into a Nanite Unit… when she was just an animatronic unit. At 11 years 6 months, Tee is one of the oldest avatars Seraphim has ever met. What is even more interesting, and Seraphim only found this out today, is that Tee has been android the whole time, making her, also, the oldest android Seraphim has met, by far.


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