A couple of weeks ago, on one of her regular visits to Eisa, Seraphim found this fabulous creature, lost in her own thoughts, on the roof of a building where Seraphim had never been, before…


… Seraphim had not, and has not, since, seen such a unique, charismatic gynoid before… she was instantly smitten with this creature…


… this is the very unique vi0let… she is a heavily traumatised Nanite Systems SXD unit… her life story involves much sadness and loss, as well as attempted murder…(excerpts from vi0let’s official NS records) ‘vi0let’s last purchaser was Dr. James Gibson, a professor of psychology at the Tei Tenga Abnormal Psychology Research Program. He found her mildly amusing and had no interest in using her; she was heartbroken and obsessive. In the end, vi0let was overcome with jealousy for Dr. Gibson’s wife, Rachel, and made the 1600 km trek from the research facility (on the dark side) to Tei Tenga City to murder her.’… ‘Despite enduring 37 knife wounds, Mrs. Gibson survived, and Nanite Systems was sued for US $50 million’…


… ‘Ai Santei was a PhD candidate in Dr. Gibson’s lab. She had interviewed with NS for an HR position shortly before her thesis defense, and was asked by the company to bring vi0let with her back to Earth for analysis, to save the company the trouble of sending out an additional recovery team. Once settled at the company, Dr. Santei successfully petitioned for the opportunity to diagnose vi0let psychologically rather than simply resetting her, as had been the standard procedure for other recovered malfunctioning machines’…


… ‘Over the intervening years, from 2006 to 2014, Ai worked tirelessly to reconstruct vi0let’s sense of identity and to eliminate her complex PTSD and attachment disorder traits. While more work continues, she has come a long way.’

It has taken Seraphim 2 weeks to get approval to use these photo’s from the NS hierarchy… she has finally not only received that approval, but been given the go-ahead to do a photo shoot with vi0let! Needless to say, Seri is elated (:

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