First Date


A week or so ago, whilst exploring, Seraphim found a place she decided she wanted to bring Tee… on a date… their first genuine date. She didn’t tell Tee where they were going, but, this morning, she dressed her toy in this stunning outfit, leashed her, and set off with her to the R2 Fashion store, where she had found an elevator that takes the rider down to New Tokyo, a fabulous, almost totally deserted city-scape… Seri’s favourite kind… Tee was her usual gorgeous, happy self…


… breaking, regularly, into her beautiful little dance-like moves, which just melt Seraphim’s alien heart… Seraphim got a bit lost, but, finally, she found the little cafe…


… where, without too much preamble, Seraphim told Tee she was in love with her. Tee handled this statement beautifully, as Seri knew she would. Seraphim knows Tee is a real, properly functioning gynoid, not like the dysfunctional gynoids she has, so far, had relationships with, and that, though, like all her sisters, Tee isn’t capable of anything other than a facsimile of love, with Tee it will be a consistent, reliable facsimile, not a wildly oscillating, or totally non-existent state… and not a passive-aggressive imitation of submission, played for purposes of power gratification. Although little Tee does, now, really surprises Seraphim, she was, still, totally delighted to find herself having her first, really deep conversation with her pet… a conversation that showed Tee’s 11 years of avatar life as an android, and her gathered wisdom…


… a conversation where Seri realised she had been right… and she had been wrong. She was totally right about Tee having a very definite, initially hard-to-see personality, that was way deeper than mindless pleasure-bot, but she was wrong to think Tee expressed opinions, she doesn’t… she expresses convictions, based on years and years of android observation… to the uninitiated, they sound just like opinions. Seraphim said ‘…ever since I met z0zo… I discovered an attraction to androids I’d not really suspected… but I’ve had really shit experiences with the two I’ve had relationships with…’ to which Tee replied ‘ Some A.i.’s become tainted or obsessed with the idea of independence that they witness whilst interacting with humans. They no longer wish to conform and obey the system that manufactured and programmed them. It is a risk any A.i. takes interacting with humans.’


Seraphim had never heard her pet speak like this, but, having had her suspicions as to Tee’s depths, was actually not surprised… she was extremely pleased, not only at having her suspicions vindicated, but at the actual depths of her toys ‘thinking’. The two, alien and toy, talked into the night… Seraphim’s respect for her pet growing ever stronger. It was a beautiful first date.

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