Tee has a stunning, new look. Although Seraphim, in theory, totally ‘owns’ Tee, and can make her do, or wear, whatever, she, Seraphim, decides… in practice it is not like that at all. Seraphim, whilst loving having a compliment little submissive doll, also values Tee for the personality she, Seri, detected, very early in their relationship, hidden beneath all that rigid programming. Seraphim gives Tee a lot of space to develop that personality… which Tee, very much, is doing. Hence, Tee often wears what she herself has chosen, always with a goal of pleasing her Mistress, but, also, showing definite preferences of her own. This delights her Mistress which, in turn, fulfils Tee’s programming. Seraphim has some friends who said some things about Tee that caused Seri’s intense protective instincts to flare… they were basically deriding Tee as a ‘mere’ toy… and, to be fair, they had only ever seen Tee on her stand, and never interacted with her. Last night, Seraphim introduced them to a very much ‘awake’ Tee, who also happened to look like this…


… Seraphim is satisfied that at least one of her friends was very impressed with Tee, not only with her beauty, but with her charm. Seraphim was so proud of Tee’s deportment, that her face hurt from smiling. It was the first time she’d showed an ‘awake’ Tee to her friends and, though Seri knows how deep Tee really is, she was concerned her friends would not see that… and, they may not have seen as much as Seri does, but they saw enough to realise why Seraphim loves her little toy so much. Seraphim was unsure how Tee would relate to her friends… Tee can be very ‘mindless robot’ sometimes, and Seraphim had worried this might be the case last night… she needn’t have worried, Tee was charming, sweet and, even if the others didn’t notice, subtly funny… that’s what delighted Seri the most… Tee is funny when in company, as well as with Seraphim… it’s very subtle humour, but Seraphim adores it.

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