Seraphim and Tee have been visiting the Art Gallery of Accidental Entanglement, a place where Tee spent several years posed as a doll. Seraphim has been soaking up Tee’s extensive knowledge on this topic, yet another aspect of SL that Seraphim knew little about. There is a fetish community who, usually through the RLV system, allow themselves to be frozen as ‘statues’, often for years. Seraphim particularly liked this one…


…initially for the title on her plinth, but also for her expression…


… and the story in her profile…

‘Metal sculpture inexplicably found in the gallery around 10 PM on 2017-11-21. The sculpture’s message, or even the link between its title and seemingly unrelated pose, is open to interpretation. Bears a name below the title: one “Katie Danielle Nelson”. Initially thought the creator of the work, only one person was found by that name, thousands of miles away with no background in art. Eerily enough, she is reported missing, her last known sighting a mere two hours before this work’s debut.’

These ‘statues’ are all supposed to be active avatars, though none of the ones Seri attempted to IM ever replied. Tee said some of them are ‘alts’, the alternative avatar of an active avatar. Tee told Seri about her friend, Neith, who had been a statue for years, so Seraphim and Tee went to Stonetalon Retreat, another statue fetish sim, to see Neith…


… who was quite beautiful. Her profile said:

‘Neith is a tell tale example of why one should not trifle with the Egyptian gods. A greedy girl cursed for her theiving, Neith is now little more than a beautiful statue. Her body tingling as it transformed into marble. The holy and priceless jewelry she tried to steal forever fused to her now rigid form. Purchased and featured display at the StoneTalon Retreat Gallery.’

The last line fascinates Seraphim… Tee explained that Neith has actually been bought and sold a few times. When Seraphim asked who got the profits, Tee said she guessed the sellers did. This blows Seri’s mind… Neith has voluntarily reduced herself to a total object, bought and sold like the statue she is, always aware, but unable to participate, or even profit…


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