Running Kyan1te


Last evening, Seraphim had the total pleasure of seeing her best friend, Kyan1te, running on a display stand outside the NS main-store…


… Kyan1te started off at a slow lope…


… gradually picking up speed…


… till her lithe little Scouts body was bounding effortlessly along, taking beautiful, powerful strides, at a speed and constancy no human could have matched…


… her servos barely making a sound… the most perfect advertisement of NS genius Seraphim has ever witnessed.

6 thoughts on “Running Kyan1te

  1. This looks like a fantastic demonstration of Seraphim’s unique abilities. I am curious what sort of cool down procedure is required following such an extensive use of her systems…


    1. This is Kyan1te, Seraphim’s friend, Seraphim is not an NS unit. When she lost interest in running, which was only for display purposes, as she does not need to exercise, Kyan1te simply got down and moved to the next thing that took her mercurial fancy… which happened to be jumping on Seraphim.

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  2. As the system involved, this unit is a scout, heat is dissipated through pumps in this units chest and coppery things! Running stealth mode, all the heat stuff is transferred into a salt tank til it melts. then.. no more stealth mode, no more salt to melt! Get to run for two hours at a neato 30mph, maybe 29, never clocked this units self! Lady Placebo takes neato pics!

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