The Shoot


Seraphim explained to vi0let that the Eisa hierarchy had given her permission to do a photoshoot of vi0let. She asked vi0let if she could place herself with her back to the bay, as a stunning backdrop. Vi0let ambled over to the edge of the roof… the very edge of the roof, several stories high…


… and pretended to throw herself off, backwards. Seraphim was not particularly worried… such a fall would not kill an NS unit, though it would probably damage her…


… when she saw she had not alarmed Seraphim, vi0let said ‘perhaps I should throw you off, strange one?’… to which Seraphim replied ‘I am 4000 years old, little thing, I could rip your head off if I wanted to, and that fall would not harm me at all’… and stared calmly through vi0lets glasses, all the time steadily operating her camera drones…


… vi0let became very still, inscrutably returning Seraphim’s gaze…


… then she turned away and said ‘It was nice meeting you, Miss’. The shoot was over.

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