Art Trip


Seraphim took her little scout to Eidola yesterday. When they arrived, Seri said ‘So… deep thought stuff, here, baby..’ to which her baby replied ‘I see large humans, Mistress…’


… to which Seraphim replied ‘Yes, me, too, sweet thing… that must mean they are actually there, do you think?’ Her baby answered ‘I do not know, Mistress’…


… Seraphim answered ‘Actually, baby, you do… you and I just shared a visual consensus of our environment… either we are sharing the same psychosis, or the large humans are actually there.’… to which her baby brightly replied ‘I like pretty clothes.’…


… Seraphim smiled to herself… she loves her baby, and she knows her baby has a mind beneath that gorgeous froth…


… Tee happily skipped and played as they continued to take in the ‘large humans’.


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