Seraphim, Megan, and Kyan1te all bought new cars, yesterday. There ensued much driving. The highlight of all the driving, was in Megan’s new Platypus… a gorgeous, retro-styled little beast she has had her eye on for a while… and which happens to be…


… amphibious! Earlier in the day, whilst the threesome were test-driving Kyan’s Jupiter Concord, Kyan and Megan basically kidnapped a sweet little hermaphrodite they met in a road-side diner, and then there were four on the journey…


… many fellow travellers were encountered…


… and many new vistas were explored…


… along the way everyone fell out at least once, the Platypus changed colour several times, sprouted a roof, Seraphim and Kyan swapped seats (mainly due to their frequent snuggle sessions)…


… and the mirror acquired a doll, the dashboard a duck, and the windscreen a nav-sat console.

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