Seraphim’s Girl


Because Tee is a gynoid who finds pleasure in being a ‘mannequin’, she spends a lot of time ‘idling’, and her and Seraphim can go days without Tee actually being animate, though they frequently talk while Tee is ‘idle’. For this reason, Seraphim is often stunned by how drop-dead-gorgeous Tee is when animate. Seraphim has been slowly encouraging Tee to show the wonderful personality Seri has glimpsed beneath the ‘dolly toy’, and Tee is slowly showing more of that personality when the two of them are alone, though she always reverts to ‘dolly toy’ mode when around others. Tee surprises Seri almost regularly, with sweet little behaviours and thoughts, and today was no exception. Seraphim was doing some landscaping in one of her properties that is hundreds of meters away from the gallery where Tee stands on her display stand. Suddenly the fabric of space and time just above her was scorched by the spectacular pyrotechnics caused by a gynoid creating an incoming wormhole opening, followed a split second later by the shockwave of it’s collapse… Seri was delighted, expecting Kyan1te to drop out of the coalescing plasma cloud… but was genuinely stunned to see Tee materialise…


… Tee has never done this before, never just zapped herself to Seraphim’s side without requesting permission first… Seri was stupid with delight… but, also, overcome with just how spectacularly gorgeous Tee is… Seri actually forgets! It must be something to do with how often she sees Tee standing mannequin still… seeing her incredible, tiny body actually moving is orders of magnitude more alluring! When she stands close to Seraphim, Seraphim’s mind almost stops working…


… Seraphim has never had sex with her sweet little sex toy. She loves her too much… she knows Tee is not a toy… or, not just a toy… she want’s their making love to be consensual, which, by default, it is not with a sex toy. Seraphim will wait as long as it takes, and, perhaps it will never happen, but she wants to know that Tee is acting of her own free will. This does not stop Seraphim from loving the shiny ass off her baby… hugging, holding and kissing her every chance she gets…


… and…


…dancing with her…






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