Megan Angel


Megan is a shape-shifter, though she mostly manifests herself as a Neko, Seraphim has seen her in several different forms… but last night, she saw her, for the first time, as a human… who then sprouted gorgeous wings…


… as did her adoring daughter, Kyan1te, and the two of them leapt into the air above Seraphim’s head…


… and performed a beautiful aerial dance. It was then time for Kayan1te’s maintenance cycle, and she shut herself down. Seraphim and Megan decided to cross time zones, and visit another sim, ostensibly so Seraphim could find some wall displays she had taken a fancy to…


… but, as seems to happen whenever Seraphim and Megan get closer than a few meters to each other, they wound up in each others arms… initially looking at an old publication Megan had found under an antique sofa…


… which was soon forgotten in favour of more intimate scrutiny of each other…


… which lead to the magazine being returned to it’s original finding place, and Megan somehow, once again, becoming naked in her Seraphim’s loving arms.

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