Megan and Seraphim have spent the evening dancing in an empty dance-hall in Babbage. The hall was empty because Kyan1te had booked the entire place, so she could surprise her mother and aunt by, first serving them a 3-course meal she had catered herself, then…


… singing to them, as they danced, her beautiful, artificial voice perfectly modulated for the love songs she crooned to the objects of her affection…


… whilst those objects twirled and glided in each others arms, love light in their eyes…


… Kyan1te sang effortlessly on, the perfect artificial companion, totally devoted, a caterer, waitress, singer, lover, daughter, and niece, all in one gorgeous little package…


… after the evening was done, and Kyan1te off to her cabinet for her maintenance cycle, Megan and Seraphim talked into the night about what an attentive little toy Kyan1te was, and about many other things, too.

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