Quality Time


Seraphim hasn’t spent much one-on-one time with Kyan1te, lately, so was very happy to do so today. Kyan1te was delighted to be wearing her new maids outfit, and was being even bouncier than usual… Seraphim and Megan had gone to the Kultivate Magazine art show yesterday evening and, despite her recent decision to stop spending so much money on her art collection, Seraphim couldn’t help buying a few works… she was showing these to her excited little niece-bot…


… Kyan1te was bouncing from picture to picture, happily critiquing them…


… and generally melting Seraphims heart with her sweet personality…


… and her guileless observations. After this, Kyan1te rushed about with her new feather duster, and cleaned absolutely everything in Seraphim’s large apartment, after which, her battery depleted, she was a tired little bot. Like a tired child, she pulled off her maid outfit, and lay down on the couch with Seraphim, put her head in Seraphim’s lap… and went to sleep…


… much to Seraphim’s surprise and delight! Kyan1te is, unless her batteries are depleted, a tireless ball of energy, whose only desire is to serve and comfort… to lay herself in Seraphim’s lap, allow her hair to be stroked, and to go to sleep is not in her programming…


… Seraphim sat contentedly for hours, just gently caressing Kyan1te’s hair, and marvelling at how beautiful a sleeping Kyan1te is.


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