Change II

Of course, the scary, unexpected changes Seraphim found herself facing were in her, already, complex three-way relationship with Megan and kyan1te/m1nt. Seraphim finds this relationship nerve-wrackingly difficult to navigate, at times. She has never been in a three-way relationship, before, as if that was not complex enough on it’s own, but now she is in one, with two shape-shifters who have been a couple for years, who are, in fact, married! Seri has just found herself smack in the middle of a relationship hiccup between Megan and kyan1te/m1nt, one that, of course, brought out issues involving Seri’s place in the relationship… happily, because there is a strong attraction amongst all three, this hiccup was resolved after hours of tense conversation. So, as a girl does, Seri celebrated by…


… buying a gorgeous hat! A butterfly hat…


… and photographing herself wearing it, of course…


… which made her feel even better…


… change can be good.

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