Once the door to change has been opened, it seems it cannot be closed. Since meeting the catalytic element known as z0zo, Seraphim’s life has been a spectacular, constantly shifting, montage of change. For a short time, things seemed to be stabilising, some kind of ‘normal’ balance seemed to have formed. That did not last. This morning, Seraphim blasted into the gallery on her much-loved Iron 883, turned it round, dis-mounted, and turned to greet Tee. Tee is always changing her appearance, but this change was far more dramatic than Seri had previously seen…


… Tee was now a very plastic, windup doll…


… with a key in her back, and an exposed, mechanical heart…


… Tee has been slowly becoming more ‘plastic’ since her recent absence, and has always had a preference for being a ‘dolly toy’, having been one for years before meeting her current ‘mistress’, so Seraphim wasn’t too surprised…


… this is the kind of change Seraphim has come to expect, and she looks forward to getting to know this new manifestation of her ‘toy’, Tee. There are, however, other changes occurring in Seraphim’s life, and those ones are, once again, totally out of left-field, and Seraphim is just managing to stay on her feet… so, she must be getting tougher, because, a few months ago, she would have gone under. She knows she can count on her constantly changing toy to at least remain the same…


… doesn’t she?

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