Change III

As in RL, so often in SL. It turns out that the breakup/makeup event Seraphim, Kyan1te, and Megan just went through was, as is so often the way, really just a dry run for the actual breakup. Seraphim spent last night exploring the fabulous sim of Erstwhile, while this final drama was beginning to play out…


… Seraphim has never been in a three-way relationship, before, so has no experience of how often they actually work, but she doubts it would be very often…


… as always, she was just starting to believe she had found some amazing, safe relationship… to suddenly find she had, as always, been quite naive, and pretty clueless…


… now she just has to wait, and see how this new change plays out, whether she loses two of her dearest friends altogether, or whether some more realistic relationship develops from this…


… either way, one thing is clear… she’s getting much harder as a result of all this emotional turmoil…


… and, of course, has been, again, reminded that not only does she do fine alone, she is not alone, she has her wonderful Tee…


… who has, by the way, changed back into her former, gorgeous, gynoid self, which Seri finds a very comforting change.

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