Second Giant

Now that Seraphim knows giants exist, she seems suddenly to have become attuned to their seemingly random appearances…


… she was wandering around her favourite empty city yesterday, when another giant materialised…


… at about 116 meters tall (350 feet!) this one made the first one Seraphim saw seem tiny…


… the giant looked about her, as if surprised at where she had appeared… seemed to notice she was on a trafficked flyover, and stepped down…


… like the first one, this one was very gentle, moving slowly and carefully, seemingly bemused by her surroundings…


… like a tiny mountain, causing the ground to shake with each deliberately placed footfall, she moved among the structures of the cityscape…


… a magnificent colossus, she ambled about for around half an hour…


… Seraphim found this creature to be extremely attractive, as if her very mass somehow generated that attraction. Seraphim knows she is drawn to the exotic…


… and a 116 meter high, beautiful creature like this one, is about as exotic as they come. After that half hour, the giant vanished back to whatever dimension giants come from.

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