Rides End

The rollercoaster ride that has been Seraphim’s life, these last several months, has finally trundled to it’s end…


… leaving Seraphim sad. She decided to distract herself by visiting Lawst Paradise Art Gallery, somewhere she has never been, before…


… the experience was very beautiful. The sadness in her scarred heart was gently massaged into something more bearable…


… and she didn’t feel like crying anymore. She felt calm. Her life has been totally changed, these last few months…


… and it will, no doubt, go on changing. She has realised, however, that it will always be only her…


… on this journey of change.

2 thoughts on “Rides End

  1. Is not over until the fat lady sings, and, whilst this unit is currently, er, touring Italian networks at the moment, no fat ladies have yet been found singing. Be back in 2 more days.


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