Kyan WIP


As Seraphim sits quietly in the becalmed front seat of her rollercoaster of change, the only thing that makes her sad is losing her lovely Kyan1te. She has no regrets about z0zo, Lia, or Megan, because she knows none of them had any genuine feelings for her, but she knows kyan1te loved her. Megan forced her devoted, submissive slave girl to make a choice, one she knew Kyan1te could only make one way, because she had no choice. And, of course, Seraphim knows that, Kyan1te loves Megan far more than she could possibly love Seraphim… it does not make what Megan did right.

Seraphim had promised Kyan a portrait. It’s too late to give it to her, now, but Seraphim has decided to go ahead and paint one, as therapy. She is painting Kyan1te without her slave collar, the one that defines her as Megan’s property, Megan’s to instruct and direct. Megan’s to control.

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